O Mary this London

OMTL Front


London, a volatile modern metropolis peopled with bizarre and
angry natives. It’s hard enough when you know the rules, but when
you’re just off the Dublin ferry and haven’t been away from home
before, some tough life lessons are in store.

Mary, Mickey and Bimbo blow into town with an agenda. First they
have to organise an abortion for Mary, but then they’re footloose
and fancy-free and, while they’re not expecting streets paved with
gold, with a touch of Irish luck there should be adventures and
a few laughs ahead.

From Westminster to Elephant and Castle, Kilburn to Trafalgar
Square, Mary, Mickey and Bimbo make a journey that’s about growing
up, and in a few short days face more challenges than most people
confront in a lifetime.

Written by Shane Connaughton (My Left Foot), O Mary This London
features orginal music by Stephen Warbeck (Billy Elliot, Shakespeare
in Love) and Sinead O’Connor.

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