New Year’s Day

NYD Jake Stephen cliffsSYNOPSIS

NEW YEAR’S DAY details the agonizing complexities of lives struck by trauma. In an intoxicating feast, featuring dazzling cinematography, magnificent art direction, and an amazing sound track, the two leads, Andrew Lee Potts (Jake) and Bobby Barry (Steven) acutely capture the painful wounds of adolescent psyches ravaged by a fatal event – a freak avalanche that kills all their friends.

In the intensity that precedes the anger and frustration they are forced to reconstruct themselves or end it all. On the brink of giving up, the boys turn the tables and defy their fate for one more year, a choice that catapults them into an extraordinary and exhilarating time where everything is at risk. The mayhem of the year unfolds in nihilist glee – a year that includes robbing banks, torching schools, and eating ice cream in Timbuktu – as their friendship, and their fidelity to their pact, is questioned.

Beautifully photographed by John de Borman, New Year’s Day was filmed
on location on the Isle of Wight and London.


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Best UK Feature Film Raindance Film Festival 2001

Best Film Yubari Film Festival, Japan 2001

NYD Bobby Andrew Marianne B&W

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