Locked In


The story

A car crash in a tunnel – Josh and Emma Sawyer (Ben Barnes and Sarah Roemer) are trapped with their daughter Brooke. It’s Christmas in Boston but for the Sawyer family what started as a marital reconciliation is ending in, quite literally, a nightmare – as Brooke now suffers from ‘Locked-In’ syndrome.

While trying to rebuild their relationship, Josh and Emma now watch as their daughter hovers between life and death. Emma and Josh enlist the help of an unorthodox therapist, Frank (Clarke Peters). Meanwhile Josh’s begins to slide from an edgy, tense waiting game, to something more surreal and much more sinister.  In a pulsating, energetic and driven end sequence, Josh pursues a seductive beauty, Renee, desperate to seek out the truth – his world collapsing around him – his car no longer where it should be in the garage and his daughter no longer where she should be in her hospital bed.

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