A Respectable Trade


Bristol in 1787 is booming, a city where power beckons those who dare to take
risks. Josiah Cole (Warren Clarke), a small dockside trader, is prepared to
gamble everything to join the big players of the city. But he needs capital
and a well-connected wife.

Marriage to Frances Scott (Emma Fielding) is a mutually convenient solution.
Trading her social contacts for Josiah’s protection, Frances finds her life
and fortune dependent on the respectable trade of sugar, rum, and slaves.

Into her new world comes Mehuru (Ariyon Bakare), once a priest in the ancient
African kingdom of Yoruba, now a slave in England. From opposite ends of the
earth, despite the difference in status, Mehuru and Frances confront each
other and their need for love and liberty.


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BAFTA Nomination
1996 (Best Drama Serial) A RESPECTABLE TRADE


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